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By Bob Nichols of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
By Bob Nichols of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Welcome to Winston-Salem, NC!

Winston-Salem – the twin city with the artistic soul – is passionate about community depth and achievement. Creative inclinations crop up in unexpected places. When you’re ready for house hunting, take your pick from 66 unique neighborhoods. Homes constructed from the late 18th century through modern times ensure Winston-Salem is a city of evolving taste. Historic districts, in particular Old Salem and West Salem, give the city a base for inspired designs.


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Perfect For: Visionary Couples

Winston-Salem developed on the premise of tolerance, innovation, and ingenuity. Salem’s Moravian expatriates wanted a place of lenience. Winston formed the hub for Salem’s manufacturers and artisans. Today, Winston-Salem is proud to be the center stage for technological and artistic expression. Join other young entrepreneurs, and make your mark in the city!

Scenic parks and green spaces give Winston-Salem a backdrop for imagination. Its natural features and historic regions are ideal for sparking influential and creative thought processes. Winston-Salem is rich in expressive features:

  • Reynolda Gardens: Located within the grounds of Wake Forest University, this 129-acre peaceful setting is sure to stir the spirit. Woodlands, meadows and streams meander throughout the Gardens. Wander down a random trail, and marvel at the beauty around you.
  • RiverRun International Film Festival: This festival, held downtown every spring, is a first time filmmaker’s dream. Featuring opportunities to submit full length films as well as shorts, RiverRun appeals to creative minds around the world.
  • Old Salem Historical District: History surrounds you in Old Salem. Stunning German-style structures set around a village square take you back to simpler times. This living museum, with its gardens, buildings and decorative arts, is inspiration in the making.
  • Piedmont Craftsman: Visit this shop in the Downtown Arts District for examples of creative genius. Clay, glass, metal, wood and leather are transformed into unique pieces of art. Located at 601 North Trade Street, Piedmont Craftsman seeks to inspire with every crafted step.


By U.S. Marine Corps
By U.S. Marine Corps

The Lifestyle: The Art of Modern Times

As another dawn breaks over the rolling countryside, Winston-Salem offers its residents unexplored paths for development. Today is your day to present a play at the Hanesbrands Theatre or to formulate a breakthrough in regenerative medical research at Forsyth Technical Community College. Winston-Salem moves at a steady pace, always seeking to brighten the world one step at a time.

In this modest city, waking hours blossom like the first buds of spring. Opportunities exist in all areas of Winston-Salem, and there are many friendly faces eager to point the way. Families are welcomed to the neighborhood and surrounded with relaxing Southern hospitality. Spend time meandering down the side streets as you admire beautiful homes and vibrant gardens. Cameras capture the essence of comfortable living and may set the stage for news works of art.

Join the locals, and take part in a diverse culture. Scattered parks offer tranquility and a place to converse with your inner dreams. Aside from arts culture, Winston-Salem is also well versed in the love of food. Restaurants and quaint shops fill the city with endless ways to savor and delight.


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Winston-Salem, NC’s Real Estate Market

Originally settled in the later 1700’s, Winston-Salem features varied architectural styles. Sit back, and imagine yourself inhabiting a quaint, historical dwelling. Homes in Federal, Greek Revival, Georgian, or Victorian-style are in abundance throughout the city. Continuous growth around Winston-Salem led to popular 20th century styles as well.

As a city of varied taste, Winston-Salem is also rich in affordable housing options. Whether preferences lean towards a house, townhouse, or apartment lifestyle, this city provides just what you desire. Need a one-story home with attached garage? Winston-Salem has you covered! Two-story homes are attractive and in plentiful supply. Neighborhoods also vary in their amenities; look west for luxury and east for affordability.

Average Price for Homes in Winston Salem, NC:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in Winston-Salem

  • Muddy Creek
  • Valley View
  • Sedge Garden
  • Five Points
  • Bethania Station
  • Mount Tabor
  • Buena Vista


By Natalie Maynor
By Natalie Maynor

You’ll Enjoy: Turn the Sheet, & Behold!

Winston-Salem is a great setting for exploration. Whether interested in wine, food, history, music, art or exercise, your days and nights are always busy. Music lovers gather every summer to take part in downtown music events. Downtown Jazz Fridays and Summer on Trade Saturdays always draw in the crowds.

Not interested in the music scene? If you’re a foodie at heart, prepare to fall in love with Winston-Salem. From high-class restaurants to mouthwatering bakeries, the city overflows with tummy-pleasing options. Camino Bakery serves up delectable pastries, desserts and drinks, while Sweet Potatoes Restaurant has distinct, local brunch flair. Savor the flavor of smoky barbeque at Little Richards BBQ, or head over to the Italian life at Vincenzo’s.

Creative vibes flow at the Reynolda House Museum of American Art and Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. Wander the exhibits, and revel in the inspiration. Check out the Downtown Arts District, located between 6th and Trade streets, which showcase local and regional talent. Afterward, head home to start your next project!


Distinguished Schools in Winston-Salem


Winston-Salem, NC Utilities


By Barbara Hobbs
By Barbara Hobbs

The Workforce:  Busy Hands & Minds

Winston-Salem prides itself on strong dedication to leading industries focused on medical research and clinical trials. Biological and nanotechnology companies such as NanoMedica Inc., Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Ocular Systems, Inc. and KeraNetics are on the rise. Tobacco fields once graced the countryside; now stately buildings rise up to improve social living. PMG Research and Center for Clinical Research are at the forefront of clinical medical service.

The educational sector extends throughout Winston-Salem. Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem State University, University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Salem College add vitality to city demographics and provide a stable base for instruction. Faculty and administration personnel from within and around the twin-city environs keep Winston-Salem on the progressive path.

Residents with artistic inclinations are also passionate entrepreneurs. Many galleries and arts centers such as the Milton Rhodes Arts Center, Delta Arts Center and The Enrichment Center support the goals and dreams of the free spirit. Other entrepreneurs lean towards restaurant service. They search for new and inventive ways to present a meal and take pleasure in designating Winston-Salem a city for the taste buds.


Why Live Here: Passion Driven by History

Southern warmth and an overwhelming desire for community improvement put Winston-Salem on the map. Houses radiate historical importance and provide surprising ways to enlighten and stimulate the mind. Winston-Salem combines affordability with luxury to offer homeowners the ideal home environment. Delectable eats, soul-stopping tunes and gardens of resounding beauty make Winston-Salem a city to cherish and admire.