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Southern hospitality and a spirit of innovation come together in Raleigh, NC to create an atmosphere that is as comfortable as it is exhilarating. Residents of the city work hard and playing harder. Raleigh’s growing economy is built upon a solid foundation of education, research, and business which makes it the ideal place for curious minds to expand their horizons. When the day is done and it’s time to relax, the city is home to a vibrant mix of restaurants, bars, museums, and entertainment options that provide a perfect opportunity for residents to socialize.


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The Lifestyle: A Handle on the Past with an Eye Towards the Future

Raleigh is a city that honors its Southern heritage as much as it looks forward to shaping the future of the region. It is known as the “Smithsonian of the South” due to the 40+ free museums and attractions residents can explore and enjoy. Residents delight in discovering the North Carolina Museum of History, the Contemporary Art Museum and many others so they can discover the history the region in order to better understand the city as it is today.

During the day you will find residents of the city hard at work. Raleigh is considered one of the best places in America to start a business. The entrepreneurial spirit drives the city forward and those eager to make their own way in the world find plenty of support and assistance from the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, and the Small Business and Technology Development Center.

When not relaxing or working, Raleigh is a city that likes to have fun. Every April the city hosts the “World Beer Festival” where residents can sip and savor beers crafted locally and from around the globe. When there isn’t a major festival taking place, residents are quite content dining at the city’s nearly 900 restaurants or having a blast playing laser tag and miniature golf at Frankie’s Fun Park.


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Raleigh, NC’s Real Estate Market

The city continues to expand and the real estate market will remain strong well into the future. Home values continue to appreciate and the city is surrounded by new residential construction projects, which is facilitating tremendous growth in the suburbs. Downtown, urban renewal is in high gear and the area is a hotbed of renovations and modern, luxury condominiums. Whether you are looking for a ranch style home in the suburbs, a Colonial in the swankiest neighborhoods in the south, or a condo downtown with a magnificent view of the city, you will be able to find the perfect place to call home.

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Featured Neighborhoods in Raleigh, NC

  • Oakwood – Majestic trees frame the landscapes and homes of this beautifully restored neighborhood. Its 19th century homes are considered the most beautiful in the city due to their turn of the century facades and beautiful gardens.
  • Stonehenge – This family-oriented neighborhood is an absolutely delightful place for young couples to begin their lives together. It’s the kind of neighborhood where you knock on your neighbor’s door to borrow a cup of milk before inviting them over for dinner. The homes in the neighborhood are primarily Colonial or Ranch style, however, you will also find quite a few spacious condominiums.
  • Brier Creek – Located in the northwest area of town, the area features thousands of single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums. The area is built around Brier Creek Country Club and the vast majority of residences in the area were built in the 1990’s. Close to I-40 and I-540, it is an ideal neighborhood for people who work in the city center but want to live a quieter lifestyle in “the burbs.”
  • Five Points – The urban landscape of this neighborhood is lined with townhomes, Tudors, and Colonial homes nestled beneath the shadows of the skyscrapers and condo towers overhead. The area features a number of eclectic bars, boutique shopping, and “Mom and Pop” shops that make this an exciting community for young professionals who enjoy living near the center of the city.


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You’ll Enjoy: Intellectual Stimulation & Fabulous Dining

  • Arts and Culture: Raleigh is home to the Contemporary Art Museum, where they are pushing the limits of modern art. The city also features a world class Symphony Orchestra that is well known for their jazz concerts and stunning performances. If you’re looking for a Broadway quality performance, you only need to look to the NC Theater where community members are taking the stage by storm.
  • Restaurants Galore: Over 900 restaurants are sprinkled throughout the landscape of Raleigh like chocolate chips on a cookie. From fine dining at Fearrington House to some of the best barbecue in the South being served up at The Pit, you will never have trouble finding the right meal, for the price and occasion.


Distinguished Schools in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is well known for the highly reputed degree programs offered by the universities in the area. The city is home to North Carolina State University and Duke University is in nearby Durham. Together with Meredith College, Shaw University, and others, these comprise the “Research Triangle” which the city is in the center of. Each of these universities is well respected for the research they are conducting in science, technology, and medicine.


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Perfect For: Nature Lovers & Dedicated Professionals

  • Professional Development: The Raleigh Chamber of Commerce is ready and willing to help you succeed. They offer a number of training, leadership, and professional courses that can help you build your business or network with other professionals in the area.


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The Workforce: Bright & Bushy Tailed

Raleigh is a highly educated city with over 45% of the city’s residents holding Bachelors degrees and a further 16% holding Masters degrees or PhD’s. It is a professional city with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The State of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, INC Research, and Martin Marietta are some of the area’s largest employers. For those looking to be at the cutting edge of the medical and scientific fields, there is no better place in America to be.


Why Live Here: Raleigh is the Center of Tomorrow’s World

Raleigh attracts some of the brightest minds in the world into the area. It’s a city where thinkers, dreamers, and doer’s get together to share ideas and move the world forward. It’s a vibrant city with lots to see and do, and when you move to Raleigh your dreams and career will find fertile soil to grow in.