Mount Pleasant, SC Real Estate

Mt Pleasant SC Real Estate
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Welcome to Mt. Pleasant, SC

Family is the one word that comes to mind whenever someone mentions Mt. Pleasant, SC. Cities like Charleston offer all the urban amenities young professionals might want, but it’s the great schools and quieter neighborhoods that draw away each family’s attention. To add a cherry on the cake, Mt. Pleasant is also unique because of its location. Situated adjacent to Charleston, you won’t be far from your workplace, and on the other side, you’ll be connected to the Isle of Palms, where you can have a family day at the beach. In essence, Mt. Pleasant is the whole package any family could ask for.


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The Lifestyle: Well-balanced with a Family Vibe

If you’re looking for a bustling nightlife and active community, Mt. Pleasant might not be the right place for you. Here, the city’s focus is the family. Homes are paired with spacious yards, so children can play ball and run around. Subdivisions pride themselves on the playgrounds and swimming pools they provide homeowners. And in all that, the city boasts some of the best family festivals in the state — ranging from the Strawberry Festival to the Children’s Day celebrations.

Nowhere else in Charleston County, do you feel such a strong family vibe. Work is balanced with relaxed weekends. Schools provide top education. And there are plenty of places for each family member to escape to, if need be.


Mt Pleasant Homes for Sale
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Mt. Pleasant, SC’s Real Estate Market

Mt. Pleasant’s real estate differs greatly from Charleston’s historical architecture. Here, you’ll find multi-bedroom homes outfitted with open floor plans. Spacious yards provide the right amount of space for children to play in while the living areas can easily serve as relaxed, entertainment rooms. Within the master suite, you’ll find even more cozy features to help you unwind from a long day’s work while walk-in closets provide ample space to hang all your belongings.

Mt. Pleasant’s contemporary architecture reflects the needs of a family. Multiple bedrooms offer everyone their own place to call “theirs,” and each property comes equipped with modern appliances. You can expect to save on your electricity bill with newly fashioned windows, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, and energy-saving air conditioning units.

Average Price for Homes in Mount Pleasant, SC:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Mt. Pleasant is primarily divided into 2 real estate sections: Old Mt. Pleasant and North Mt. Pleasant. Each section contains its own special character, which is further reinforced through the homes. Below are just a few of the best neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant and only offer a taste:

  • Old Village: As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant, you’ll find historical architecture that rivals even Charleston’s. It’s central location along Coleman Boulevard has always kept homes in the area on high demand. Though the price tag for one of these homes may be a little higher than the typical home in Mt. Pleasant, you can still find affordable cottages and starter-homes within the same area. The major plus to living in this area is the quick access to Alhambra Hall, Sullivan’s Island (beaches), and Charleston.
  • Rifle Range Corridor: Along Rifle Range Road is where you’ll find a lot of affordable housing in different subdivisions. Three to five bedroom homes populate the area, and you can pick which floor plan best suits you based on the subdivision. Communities like Hidden Lakes features traditional brick homes while newer subdivisions like Seaside Farms offer more modern properties. The major plus to living in this area is the convenient supermarkets and great schools.
  • North Mt. Pleasant: Often referred to as anything past the IOP Connector, you’ll find newer construction and established neighborhoods around this area. Popular subdivisions include Park West, Carolina Park, and the Highway 41 communities. More modern homes are the major plus to choosing to live out here, though it does place you further away from Charleston.



Mt Pleasant Boone Hall Oyster Roast
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You’ll Enjoy: Family Festivals and Quick Access to Beaches

As mentioned before, Mt. Pleasant centers itself around the family — which is why you’ll find lots of family-friendly festivals occurring year-round. The Boone Hall Plantation is the most famous of them all, as they host popular functions such as the Oyster Festival, Pumpkin Patch, and Strawberry Festival. There, parents and children can pick strawberries (or pumpkins – depending on the season) and then have fun riding the carnival rides. As Children’s Day rolls around in June, you’ll see that Mt. Pleasant spares no expense in providing fun activities for the children.

When the summer hits, you will enjoy the quick access to the beaches, both on the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island. The waves aren’t big, so you won’t have to worry about many surfers hogging up space. Most people bring their pets and go for casual walks before taking a dip inside the Atlantic. Overall, it’s a great place for you to sit down and relax while you watch the kids build sandcastles.


Distinguished Schools in Mt. Pleasant, SC


Perfect For: Those Looking to Start a Family

If you’re ready to settle down and begin a family, Mt. Pleasant is one choice you should seriously consider. The city keeps you in direct touch with Charleston (just a ride over the Cooper River Bridge) and provides you with a family-friendly environment that can’t be rivaled anywhere else in the Lowcountry. Affordable real estate options coupled with spacious homes are the perfect match for first-time home buyers. Make the first move and find a great home to live in!


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Mount Pleasant SC Boeing Jobs
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The Workforce: Engineering Focused & Higher Education

Mt. Pleasant primarily serves as a bedroom community, with many of the jobs being located in nearby areas, such as Charleston and North Charleston. Bigger firms like Blackbaud, SPAWAR, and Westvaco employ a variety of engineers, ranging from electronic engineers to software engineers. The Boeing Dreamliner plant in North Charleston has also created a lot of jobs in the manufacturing industry, which continues to expand every year.

A lot of other Mt. Pleasant residents work at the universities located in downtown Charleston. The Medical University of South Carolina is one of the bigger employers, which hires new professors and doctors year-round.


Why Live Here: For Family Fun and Affordable Housing

Mt. Pleasant’s appeal stems from its focus on the family and its affordable real estate market. If you’re looking to begin a family or are searching for a great starter home, Mt. Pleasant is the place to be. Family-fun activities and safe neighborhoods offer the perfect retreat to call home — all while being close to the workplace. There is really no better town than Mt. Pleasant that remains balanced in all aspects of comfortable living. Come check it out and see for yourself!