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You have likely heard of Greensboro before you ever considered moving there because of one or more of their universities. However, you’ll quickly learn that Greensboro is much more than a college town. The university scene and large number of educated residents means that only the finest stores, restaurants, and cultural offerings will make it there. Whether you are heading to Greensboro for school or a job, you’ll be stoked about all of the opportunities in the area.


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Perfect For: Singles & Families Alike

While there are a myriad of college students in Greensboro, many recent graduates also put down roots there. The city is full of well-educated young professionals who are single, tech savvy, and ready to enjoy life. There are numerous opportunities for them to socialize and cultivate lasting relationships. With excellent schools, many people who came for college stay in the area to settle down and have families.


The Lifestyle: Greensboro Has Something For Everyone

Located half an hour east of Winston-Salem and an hour west of the western edge of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle, Greensboro has established the perfect location as a college town. With an active downtown and a host of local higher education institutions, there is always something interesting happening in Greensboro. From shopping to dining to cultural events to kid-friendly destinations, you won’t have trouble staying happy and engaged with like-minded individuals.


Greensboro NC Real Estate


Greensboro, NC’s Real Estate Market

As with most college towns, there is regular turnover in the Greensboro housing market. Look for new rentals and homes to get listed in the late spring through late summer. Expect to pay more for housing in close proximity to the major universities. If you are not a college student, be honest about how close you want to live to neighborhoods with lots of students. You don’t want to buy a house across the street from a fraternity house and then be surprised to find drunk 20 year old students walking in front of it at 2 a.m. on the weekends.

Greensboro offers a mix of apartments and houses for rent and condos and houses for sale. It is not hard to find two-bathroom, three-bedroom houses to rent throughout the eastern side of Greensboro. If you’re interested in buying, thirty year old or newer condos with one bathroom / one bedroom and two bathrooms / two bedrooms are readily available. The housing market is quite extensive with everything from quaint one-bathroom, two-bathroom offerings to seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansions.

Average Price for Homes in Greensboro, NC:

Average Price for Homes

Featured Neighborhoods in Greensboro

  • City Center
  • Hilltop
  • Lakewood
  • Pinecroft
  • Latham Park


Greensboro NC Real Estate


You’ll Enjoy: All Of the Perks of a College Town

Greensboro offers some of the state’s best shopping, arts, dining, and nightlife. The Friendly Center has over 150 shops. When you’re in the mood to shop local boutiques, art galleries, and antique stores, head to the downtown. On First Fridays, there are over 20 galleries and venues that stay open late.

With long spring, summer, and fall seasons, you have to make the most of beautiful weather. Stroll through the Bicentennial Gardens, Bog Garden, or Arboretum. If you’re in the mood for biking, try the Downtown Greenway or Bur-Mill Park.

Finally, Greensboro has a rich history. Take a tour of Blandwood Manson, a 19th century Italian Villa that was home to a former governor. Relieve a major battle of the Revolutionary War at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park or learn about local history at the Greensboro Historical Museum.


Distinguished Schools in Greensboro

Greensboro is home to a wealth of higher education institutions including the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro College, Guilford College, North Carolina A&T State University, Bennett College, Elon University School of Law, and Carolina Graduate School of Divinity.


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Greensboro NC Healthcare Jobs


The Workforce: Ideal For Educators & Healthcare Workers

Greensboro has two primary healthcare providers, Cone Health and High Point Regional UNC Health Care. Cone Health is one of the region’s largest, most comprehensive health networks with over 100 locations including six hospitals, three medical centers, four urgent care centers, and 95 physician practice sites. Healthcare centers employ physicians, P.A.’s, D.O.’s, technicians, pharmacists, dieticians, speech-language pathologists, and therapists.

With the third largest school district in North Carolina and an extensive network of local universities, it is no surprise that education is a substantial industry in the area. Guilford County Public School District is Greensboro’s largest employer while the University of North Carolina at Greensboro ranks sixth in the city.


Why Live Here: Get The Best of North Carolina in One Great City

If you’ve always thought about moving to North Carolina but haven’t checked out Greensboro, it’s never too late to put it on your list. With multiple local universities, the region is never dull. Young students and professionals alike bring fresh energy to the city ensuring that there is always a new coffee shop, clothing boutique, or art gallery that you have to check out today. You’ll be moving there for your freshman year of college, and the next thing you know, you’ll be signing a job contract and buying a house because you won’t ever want to leave.