Charleston, SC Real Estate

Charleston SC Real Estate
by Allison Seward

Welcome to Charleston, SC

Sitting on the front porch and sipping cold tea is how Charleston does business. People choose the historic city over the surrounding suburbs for one primary reason: Its charm. Classic southern-antebellum architecture and single-room houses attract the kind of buyers that appreciate coziness with the family. But more importantly, they cherish the coziness of the city. With boutique shops on King Street and award-winning restaurants scattered around the Market area, there’s no shortage of things to do. Maybe it’s time to see how you fit into Charleston’s lifestyle.


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The Lifestyle: Hungry for Culinary, Burning off the Food with a Nap

“No one works Fridays.” — You’ll hear this a lot when you move to the Charleston area, and though it’s still a workday, most people spend it relaxing. As lunch comes around, co-workers head out for a culinary treat. By no means is it a “soft” lunch. Southerners love their shrimp and grits, egg benedicts, and stacked sandwiches. Afterwards, you’ll spend the day nearly napping, as your body tries to burn off all the calories.

This is the typical lifestyle of Charleston. We dine on fine foods and we enjoy the rest of the day. The weather is often too beautiful to pass up and we usually gravitate towards the water. When the weekend hits, young professionals love to hit the bars while families hit the beaches.

Charleston isn’t a city of hustle and bustle. It’s a town that relishes hospitality and friendliness — hence our hours spent at the restaurants and bars.


Charleston SC Homes for Sale
by David Shankbone


Charleston, SC’s Real Estate Market

Defining Charleston’s real estate market is like taking a history class. The downtown area is filled with classic, southern antebellum houses that gradually shift in architecture depending on the year they were built (around the 1800’s). But don’t let the historic architecture fool you. Yes, they have a beautiful charm on the outside, but inside, they are all renovated with modern amenities. It’s the perfect blend of past and present.

As you get to the outlying areas of Charleston, you’ll find quiet suburbs that offer more affordable housing, such as real estate on James Island, Johns Island, and West Ashley. Daniel Island also falls under the city’s jurisdiction, but the market out there shifts into luxury, waterfront homes. In all, Charleston caters to everyone interested in moving to the city. Quiet suburbs are only a bridge away (5-10 minute drive), or if you prefer to be in the heart, you can find a great house in the downtown area.


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Featured Neighborhoods in Charleston, SC

As mentioned before, Charleston is divided into 5 main areas, each with its own real estate market. Below, you’ll find a list of lovely neighborhoods in the downtown area. Each has its own diverse character, architecture, and charm.

  • South of Broad: As one of the more quieter neighborhoods in downtown Charleston, you’ll find historic homes that were built around the theme of tranquility. Wrap-around piazzas let the gentle ocean breeze flow through your home while you have plenty of space to sit outside on the patio and admire the waters.
  • Wagener Terrace: Located near Hampton Park, this neighborhood is one of the more popular picks for younger families. Homes come within a more affordable range, and bring couples closer to the many restaurants and shops they enjoy. Plus, Hampton Park is like a cherry on the cake. You can enjoy peaceful runs throughout the area or play a game of frisbee. Kids can also feed the ducks that nest there.
  • Harleston Village: This neighborhood is one of the most diverse areas of downtown Charleston. College students to young professionals often live here, as the neighborhood is located near the College of Charleston and shopping on King Street. Colonial Lake and Moultrie Park are also nearby, offering the perfect seclusion at times.

There are many other neighborhoods in Charleston, all of which could be talked about for hours on end. But the most important piece to take away (and to start the conversation with your real estate agent) is how each neighborhoods fits a specific lifestyle. It’ll take some serious decision making, but there’s a place to call home in Charleston.


Charleston SC Things to Do
by Kamoteus


You’ll Enjoy: Beach Fun and Boating on the Harbor

As a peninsula, Charleston enjoys connectivity to the nearby beaches and waterways, hence the strong “water-themed” culture. As the weather warms up, families flock to the beaches on Folly and Sullivan’s Island. The waves aren’t big, but people enjoy casual swims before laying out and soaking up the sun.

Boaters love Charleston because there are tons of waterways to explore. They can go crabbing, shrimping, and fishing all in one spot. Some restaurants even have boating docks, so you can just drive your boat from your house to your favorite dining spot (and bypass the usual traffic). Afterwards, you can cruise along the ocean and simply take in nature.


Distinguished Schools in Charleston, SC

  • Buist Academy | Grades K-8 | 103 Calhoun St, Charleston, SC 29401
  • Porter Gaud | Grades PK-12 | 300 Albemarle Rd, Charleston, SC 29407
  • Ashley Hall | Grades PK-12 | 172 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

Local universities and colleges include the College of Charleston, Citadel (military university), and Medical University of South Carolina. Each university distinguishes itself with its own identity. The College of Charleston is a liberal arts college, focusing on the humanities. The Citadel offers a variety of programs, but the most notable is its engineering programs. And the Medical University of South Carolina is famous for its studies in medicine.


Perfect For: Bicyclists who tire of driving & Urban Dwellers

Bicycling has made a comeback in downtown Charleston. Most people who live in the area don’t need a car or don’t simply want to use it. It’s easy to bicycle the whole peninsula within an hour, and it keeps them healthy. If you need to grab a bite to eat, it’s just a block down. If you want to cruise along the harbor, it’s a quick ride south.

Charleston isn’t a huge metropolis with blaring horns or wailing sirens. It’s a quiet town that has forced urban modernization to bend to its historic roots. You’ll be in the heart of everything, yet you’ll have the peace of living in a suburb. With the right home, you’ll never regret moving to the Charleston area. You’ll cherish the fact that you’re having a coffee in a historic home while being seconds away from the latest stores like Forever 21 and Apple.


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Charleston SC Boeing Jobs
by Ken Mist


The Workforce: Tourism & Hospitality, Growing Technology

Charleston has long been known for its southern hospitality and year-round tourism. Cruise ships regularly dock at Charleston harbor, bringing thousands of tourists into town annually. In turn, this has spurred a heavy industry around hospitality. But as the city has grown, many technology companies have begun to grow here. Software companies like Blackbaud, BoomTown, Blue Acorn, and PeopleMatter have all made great strides in the industry and been labeled as the best places to work in South Carolina. Other industry leaders include Boeing’s Dreamliner plant in North Charleston, Honeywell, and SPAWAR (a military defense contractor).


Why Live Here: Balanced Work & Relaxation

Charleston is a place you call your hometown. People aren’t leading busy lifestyles here. They are out relaxing, enjoying the beaches, and dining on succulent seafood. Just walking on the street, you’ll see how friendly people are, as they regularly say “hello” to strangers. Knowing how your day is going is Charleston’s concern. It’s a community that is made for a family and perfect for a young professional to grow in. Homes come by the dozens and you’ll enjoy the city’s affordability. Take a break with us and see how living on the ocean changes your life!